Training program for damage restoration technicians

If you are experiencing flood water in your home, you require technicians for water damage repair and restoration to get your home and life back to normal. Every process needs professionals and technicians for complete elimination of water damage. The technical service professionals provide to repair and restore your property to pre-damaged condition.

These technicians get training to deal with emergency situations relating fire, water, mold, sewage backup damage and repair. Many training institutes are working to give technical training and certificates. Regional, local and online training programs are available for professionals in different categories and they are:

Water damage restoration

Fire damage restoration

Applied structural drying

Upholstery cleaning

Mold remediation

Trauma and Biohazard treatment

They must get practical and technical training to set up and operate equipment like air movers, moisture detectors, and humidifiers properly. They must know how to dry water using various drying equipments, how to use monitors to detect water pockets and where to use infrared camera.

They should know that all water damage situations are not the same and their treatment also differ from one another. They must know the difference of various categories of water and their effects on building, objects and people living there.

The technicians should know the principles and proper fire, smoke and soot restoration skills. They should know how fire affects various materials after fire tragedy and how to restore them one by one.  They should know to use the cleaning agents and chemicals to eliminate smoke odor from objects and remove soot residues.

The professional should learn techniques how to differentiate between salvageable and unsalvageable things, how to clean and sanitize various objects according to their nature, how to remove and dispose of mold damaged objects safely and how to remove damaged structural features of a property and install new ones.

Manual dexterity is required to lift and handle heavy equipment while working at water damage areas. Technicians in different areas, require good teamwork to collaborate with each other working on water restoration projects. They should be trained to have better communication with each other, their supervisor and owner of the damaged property to give better results.

The damage and restoration professionals should know to use proper gear according to the nature of damage like during fire damage from smoke and soot particles or while using powerful cleaners, biocides and sanitizers after water elimination or during mold remediation. They must have proper know how of their own safety but also care for the residents of damaged area.

After getting training and skills in damage restoration process, these technicians are capable of giving emergency repair and restoration services and maintenance services both. With hard work and experience restoration technician can become a supervisor, crew chief and self-employed contractors.

It is important to take small courses and attend seminars to refresh knowledge of damage restoration technicians from time to time. Here use of latest techniques and equipments for better restoration is offered. One day class on teaching how to remove odor of various types in houses, is arranged. Three-day classes to train for handling complicated large loss projects.