Tips for renovating a row house

Remodeling a row house in Baltimore is a buyer’s dream. Alt text: view of Baltimore Harbor during the daytime.

When house shopping there are a lot of things to consider. One of them is what type of house would you like to live in. For a long time now, row houses have been extremely popular. They are also known as townhouses. They are a perfect solution for a house in an urban setting. You can enjoy all the perks of the city while enjoying all the perks of living in a house. Perfect for those that aren’t fans of apartment living. So, once you have found your perfect row house, it is very likely that you will have to renovate it. Here are a few useful tips that you must know before renovating a row house.

Keep the original concept of the row house

Since you bought a row house, it is clear that you are a fan of the vintage and original look that a row house has. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to change the house from its core. Yet, it is very important to figure out which parts of the home would you like to keep. Before you fire an electrician, contactor and other professionals, you must know what you would like to accomplish when renovating a row house. Once you decide what you would like to keep, you can add to the original charm of the place. Exceptional architecture that can’t be found on many other buildings should be used wisely. How many other places have a cool exposed brick or visible pipes that can fit great with many interior designs?

Row houses can have different styles, but more often than no they have a vintage and classic look. Alt text: brick row houses with different colored windows.

When renovating a row house create space

The majority of row houses are narrow and there isn’t a lot of space, like in other houses. Thus, you will have the challenge of creating additional space or at least giving the illusion that there is a lot of space in your home. This is one of the major things to consider before moving. These types of renovation details must be in place before you start planning your move. Research space-saving solutions. Also, when you hire an architect or a professional contractor they will surely have some great ideas on how to solve this challenge. For instance, a big bulky staircase can be substituted with a cool and modern spiral staircase. Plus, you can also fancy up the basement and attic and use them as functional rooms. Voila! Extra space without a lot of fuss.

Don’t forget to focus on the outdoors

Having a backyard or any other outdoor space is one of the great benefits when owning a row house. So, when renovating a row house, you must put some effort into this space as well. Just like with the interior you might face the challenge of small space. However, this is a great problem to have because there are many great ideas and solutions for smaller yards. A small deck can be a great treat for you and your family. In case there isn’t any space for a deck, a balcony is always a great alternative. And last but not least, how cool would it be to have a rooftop space? All of the mentioned ideas are an option.

A wooden deck can be a great treat for you and your family. Outside space is a great and rare benefit when living in the city. Alt text: Wooden deck with the sun shining on it.

Popular renovation styles when renovating a row house

There are many styles to choose from when renovating a row house. The exterior is important. Still, let’s be honest. The true comfort comes from within a home. Therefore, the interior is key. In case you are set on your interior design and you need help moving, visit For those that aren’t near the moving stage and are still fishing for renovation styles, here are some ideas.

Minimalism is trending

Lately, everybody has been advertising a simple lifestyle. So, it is no surprise that minimalism snicked in as one of the main styles when renovating a row home. In this case, simplicity is key. This doesn’t mean that you are to throw away all of your things. Although, one of the things that you should do before moving is decluttering. The key is to style your belongings to give an illusion of more space. Natural light and light colors will be your biggest ally when renovating a row house into something minimal, but at the same time spectacular. Remember, furniture should be simple and having something made of glass is an absolute must.

Minimalism is a great way to go if you like light colors and lots of space. Alt text: white and light bedroom with little details and big windows.

You can make it eclectic

For those that are fans of multiple styles when renovating a row home, an eclectic style for renovation will be a perfect solution. When practicing this style, you can combine different textures and styles to make a perfect combination that satisfies your taste. Use vibrant colors to give the place life and attitude. Nevertheless, be careful when going from one room to another. Once the renovation is done the entire house should have cohesive interior design.

The home of row houses – Baltimore  

Row houses can usually be found in older cities like Chicago and New York. Still, the home of the row house, more popular as a townhouse, is indeed Baltimore. There is no other city that has as many row houses and in different styles. If you are an interested buyer searching your perfect row house to call your home, Baltimore is the place to be. The largest number of available row homes can be found around Patterson Park. Still, be aware that row houses are available all over Baltimore. Baltimore has to offer safe storage, which makes it very convenient for your extra things that cannot fit in your new home.

It is important not to forget out tips when renovating a row house. Townhouses have a special charm to them and they will be perfect for you and your family. Especially if you aren’t a fan of apartment living. Enjoy all the perks of this type of home and ad your personal twist to it so you can feel right at home.