Growing Mold in Your Home and You May Never Know

According to the CDC, in the year of 2004, there have been sufficient studies that clearly show a link to the exposure of indoor mold you receive from your home and serious medical conditions that involved Upper respiratory tract symptoms, cough, please, asthma and long problems. In addition, if you have children in the home, they are at greater risk for developing serious medical conditions like asthma. There have also been many other study that reoccurring exposure to mold in your home can cause many other adverse health effects, such as acute idiopathic pulmonary hemorrhage, memory loss, lethargy in many other serious medical conditions. It is very important to make sure that as a homeowner, you do everything you can to prevent mold from entering in your home. Once mold has entered your home, it is very difficult to completely rid your home from it. Maintaining a clean environment is critical to preventing mold from developing in your home. Mold usually grows in places that have a significant amount of moisture in the environment. Many times, it can be difficult to stop the growth of mold, so maintenance is the key to managing it. If you don’t have a clue if you have mold present in your home, you should think about hiring a professional to conduct a proper inspection.

According to Active Rain, in America, there has been an increase in more than 1,000 mold-related claims in the past decade with insurance companies. In addition, there has been reports of more than 93 percent of infections in the sinuses that have been caused by mold exposure. There have been multiple studies conducted that show that mold can actually grow in your sinus cavities and even your lungs. There has also even been a 300 percent increase in asthma cases reported over the past 20 years. It is definitely common for mold to be present in many homes, even newer homes that have been developed. In fact, there was a study that shows that more than 30 percent of brand new homes happened to contain mold. You never know when your home is growing mold inside until you conduct a proper inspection. Sometimes, even after you conduct an inspection you may not be able to discover the presence of this substance. The only definite way that you can know whether or not mold is present is by getting someone to conduct a proper inspection in the property.

The best way discover growing mold inside the home is by getting a professional into conduct their inspection. Once you have discovered whether or not mold is growing, you want to make sure that you seek out proper treatment. It is no surprise that mold can cause a wide range of health consequences. You may want to start off by conducting your own research by searching the terms: Houston mold inspection services. From here, you should be able to find companies that can help you conduct a proper mold inspection as well as help develop the proper treatment for ridding mold in your home.

Getting the proper inspection for your home is critical to the outcome of your health and everyone else living in your home. You want be aware of the health consequences that come with having mold in your home. Getting treatment for mold removal is critical to keeping you and your family healthy.