How to send a Christmas hamper

There’s no nicer gift than a Christmas hamper, but they can be tricky to package and send. Our guide will help you to get it right.

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Choose a container

You could choose anything from a simple cardboard box to a wicker hamper wrapped in cello. Basket bags are also very popular, and all of these options come in a variety of sizes. If you’re going for high-end options, don’t forget wooden gift trays, which are a present in their own right. Once you’ve chosen the container, fill it with shred; biodegradable coloured shredded paper is a good option that is also sustainable.

Protective outers

You’ll find a range of protective outers on offer that help to protect your chosen container and the shred within it. You may want to choose anything from a bubble-wrap outer to a larger cardboard box or wooden crate depending on the nature of your hamper’s contents.

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Packing the hamper

If you’re using same day courier services, you can pack food and drink without worry knowing that it will head straight to your lucky recipient rather than idling in a warehouse for several days.

If you are packing glass bottles or food that can melt, such as chocolate, make sure it is carefully wrapped and protected from knocks. You can book your same day service with and provide details of what you are sending so that it is handled with extra care.

Ideas for the contents

Your hamper can be as big as your imagination! Classic items for a Christmas hamper include mince pies, cheeses, pate, shortbread, oatcakes, truffles, chocolate, fudge, mint cake, crackers and drinks of all kinds. You can buy these or you can make your own for that special touch.

Remember that the hamper doesn’t have to be hugely expensive to make. You can go high-end with champagne, caviar and truffles, or you could make a more cost-effective one with herbal teas, biscuits, homemade fudge and homemade pate in a Mason jar. Remember to make your hamper look pretty, with finishing touches such as a gift tag and oversized bow, so that it really wows your lucky recipient when they open their package.

There’s still enough time to make Christmas hampers and send them to your loved ones via same day courier service, so why not treat them?