Now it’s the Time for You to Know the Truth about Cyber bullying

Cyber bullying that is also known as “Third Party Cyber Harassment”, is a very powerful and dangerous misuse of the internet.

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How Cyber Bullying is done?

Most often, the original attacker is merely the instigator of a “harmful conversation”, or the initiator of harassment.

  • First, the original attacker merely prods the issue with a question or a reader poll or something similar.
  • They may include their own viewpoints and opinions. Sometimes pictures and videos are used to embellish their point. They simply want to begin a conversation that’s intended to create indignation or trigger strong emotions about someone or something.
  • They can then sit back and let others do their dirty work for them.
  • Their armies of accomplices, unfortunately, are often unsuspecting as they reply and post their own potent comments and opinions. They may not even realize the serious nature surrounding the provocative messages they respond to.

These unwitting cyber bullying accomplices also may not realize that they are actually being manipulated by a real cyber bully.

Cyber Bullying and Social Networks:

Today’s extremely popular social networking sites like Face book, MySpace and Twitter make  Cyber bullying by Proxy easier, faster, and much more damaging than ever before.

Lives are being affected. Families and relationships are being put under strain. Reputations are being damaged beyond repair.

Laws concerning “Harassing Communications” over the Internet are still in their infancy, and many local police departments do terribly little to investigate cases of Cyber bullying by Proxy.

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As always, it’s up to parents to monitor their children’s activities and warn them about the consequences of poor judgment.

Parents need to make sure that no laws are being broken by their kids and that any truly hurtful comments are posted about anyone, for all the world to see and read.

Things to Consider:

A new study on cyber bullying has revealed some startling facts and statistics that should make all parents stand up and take notice.

Previous studies showed us that this fast-growing problem was set become the biggest menace that today’s kids are forced to deal with.

New information confirms our worst fears and we can see that things are only going to get worse for our kids.

Parents, most of whom have no idea what this issue is all about, are frustrated and struggling to understand why their children are acting so strangely. The internet and cell phones have given new life and new opportunities for bullying to harm kids of all ages.

From elementary school to middle school, and especially for teens in high school, bullying is turning more and more helpless kids into victims.

Cyber Bullying Statistics:

Let’s take a look at some very shocking cyber bullying statistics.

  • Over 33% of kids have been the victim of a cyber bully at some time. That’s one out of every three kids that have encountered some form of online bullying. The scale and severity of the problem should be enough to raise alarms throughout the media, but sadly, very little attention is being paid to the issue. Our schools are only now beginning to recognize that there is a problem that needs to be addressed.
  • Over 56% of affected kids are victimized by bullies in online chat rooms. In these chat rooms, kids are ignored, insulted, disrespected, and even threatened by one or more bullies who may be present there. The victims may or may not know who the bully is. The offender can either be anonymous or publicly known. Kids are also victimized by email bullying.
  • In fact, 28% of all cyber bullying cases involve the use of email. You can imagine what hurtful things these bullies are saying to their victims. Emails are sometimes sent with harmful attachments or pictures of a sexual nature. The victim’s friends can also receive emails that serve to further embarrass or harass the victim. Instant messaging, like email, can also be a vehicle for threats and harassment.
  • Over 49% of victims say they received hurtful IM messages. That’s nearly half of all those youth who have been victimized by online bullies.

This recent study has shown us that earlier prediction was devastatingly accurate. The statistics above are obvious proof of that.

Final Words:

Kids today live in an online world where bullying has gone unchecked and allowed to run rampant.

Children and their parents are feeling helpless, frustrated, angry and depressed. So what can be done to stop all this and repair the deep emotional damage inflicted on these kids?

To stop cyber bullying you should be much aware while working online and keep an eye on your young children who are not aware of the frauds in the online world.