Gas Station Canopy Lighting, Is Brighter Better?

Lighting is very crucial for illuminating any business but its importance is more evident in a gas station. Poor lighting will cost you a lot in terms of revenue since customers prefer to go to a well-lit station because it is more presentable. With bright lights, customers also feel safer and also associate the well-lit gas station with quality products and services. In time past, many gas station canopies were fitted with sodium bulbs which gave a yellow light.

Nowadays though, gas station owners are realizing the benefits of LED canopy light. They are more cost effective, burn for very long hours and they do not flicker. Highlighted below are some tips that will help you choose the best LED canopy lights.

The Brighter the Better

Different LED lights give different intensity (brightness) . But, they also come with different prices. Many station owners will go for a cheaper option in terms of Initial cost but the downside is that its intensity is also low. The best option is to go for high watts bulb which might cost more initially but it will also give you very good lighting and for a longer time.

White Is Better

Although yellow light might compliment the color of your light, for canopy lighting purposes, white light is best. White light gives the canopy an appealing look, creates less shadows and since it is brighter, it gives the sense of safety. All these factors are important in attracting customers to your gas station. On the other hand, yellow light tends to have more dark spots and gives the station an unfriendly vibe which is a turn off to customers.

Install Flash LED Light Mountings

There are mainly two types of light installations that you can have in your gas station canopy- dangling lights or flash mounted lights. For that professional look, it is best to install flash mounted LED lights. The biggest advantage of flush mount is that there are no shadows and the glare of the bright light is eliminated.

Lasts Longer

As earlier mentioned, LED lights are the best options for your canopy. When looking for the type of LED light to install, look for the amount of light it gives, the total burn time, does it come with warranties and other features. All this information should be well stated on the packaging and if you do not understand what any of it means, you can always consult the vendor or a certified electrician for clarification.

Use Timers

Although LED lights are quite energy efficient, it would do no harm to reduce the cost of electricity by switching the lights off when artificial light is no longer required. One of the best ways of ensuring that the light will be switched off when it should be is by installing a timer. The timer is set in such a way that it will automatically switch the lights on and off at the appropriate times.

Use Professionals Only

Be sure to use companies that are certified to handle electrical installation. Any company worth its salt should be able to install, maintain and repair your LED lights when need arises. They should also recommend the best type of LED lights, and be able to replace your canopy lights with LED bulbs.

Wrapping It Up

Led light has very many advantages over the conventional light bulbs and it is the high time you installed them in your gas station canopy. If you want to change your canopy lights to LED light, there is no need to demolish your canopy. There are companies with the required expertise to change your lighting to LED bulbs. The companies will also install, maintain and repair your gas station canopy lighting system.