How To Choose An LED Fixture

If you are wondering what type of LED fixtures are on the market today and you’d like to upgrade your lighting system, it’s likely that you may have felt overwhelmed when you started to do some research. If you own a commercial building it’s time for you to upgrade LEDs, going to a local hardware store is not a good start.

Getting a custom LED retrofit plan can be one of the easiest ways that you can get access to a better level of performance from your lighting system. Haphazardly installing these fixtures that you purchase from a local hardware store will never lead to the same level of efficiency that you can get by working with a leading supplier and delivering uniform fixtures for your facility.

If you are working with a lighting expert make sure that you ask about some of these top qualities

The lumens: The total amount of visible light that is produced by an LED is translated into footcandles or lumens. The cheaper LEDs on the market do not produce enough footcandles for most types of commercial businesses. Make sure that the lights that are being installed are to code and recommended for your industry.

Choosing the right color: LED colors are measured in color temperature, when the temperature vision kelvins are lower this will determine that the light is more yellow. When the number is higher, this will lead to a light that is bluer. 1900 Kelvin is like a candle and 6000 Kelvin is more like an automotive headlight. Choosing the right color for your business often means knowing more about the type of atmosphere that you’d like to create.

Make sure you are choosing a well-tested product: The best LEDs on the market are recognized by LDL, DLC, and UL. These are common certifications from some of the top lighting manufacturers. If you don’t see one of the stickers on your lighting or the product is not verified by an expert, you could be using an inferior product.

Seeking professional advice: working with an LED lighting expert can make sure that you can save time and money retrofitting your facility. A poor quality lighting install could mean that you have to replace lighting in the next 5 to 10 years, hiring an LED expert can make sure you can reduce your maintenance costs and your payback period on the retrofit.

This post was written by Carl Edwards. Carl is the lighting engineer at Smart Energy Technologies. Smart Energy Technologies is a commercial lighting service company. They offer lighting solutions to a variety of industries. Some of these include, healthcare lighting, commercial restaurant light fixtures, parking lighting, prison led lighting, led warehouse lighting, and much more.