All You Need To Know About The Dry Cough

Pollution, sometimes bad eating habits leads to a dry cough. A dry cough actually is the reflex action of the airways to the mucus or the irritants. People know that there are two types of a cough dry and cough with mucus. It is known as a productive and non-productive cough. Productive is where a cough produces phlegm or mucus whereas a non-productive cough is a dry cough without mucus or phlegm. There can be various causes of it but the common is allergies or the acid reflux.

Here we are just talking about a dry cough. A dry cough can make your life worse if it gets serious especially at night. Sometimes by just consulting to doctor and having medicines or syrups can cure a dry cough. Canadian Pharmacy is the online store that is nowadays becoming the obvious place to collect any kind of medicines whether it is prescribed or non-prescribed.

If one is having the dry cough or the productive one for a long time then there can be the causes that should not be ignored at any cost. Some of the causes of a dry cough can be:

  • Asthma can be the reason for such kind of a cough, in asthma, there is swelling in the airways and the airways get narrowed. An asthma-related cough can be either productive or non-productive. But people relate a dry cough with asthma it doesn’t happen usually some of the other symptoms of asthma are the tightness of chest, coughing or wheezing attack, wheezing etc.
  • GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) is the acid reflux disease in which the stomach produces the acid more than it refluxes into the esophagus. A dry cough can be related to this condition also but with a dry cough there are other symptoms of GERD like chest pain, chronic cough, and difficulty in swallowing chronic sore throat.
  • Postnasal drip is the condition where extra mucus dripped down in the throat. This can be because of seasonal allergies or cold. Postnasal drip tickles the throat and triggers coughing. Other symptoms other than a cough are a sore throat, running nose, coughing at night, feeling of lump back of the throat.
  • Viral infection is also responsible for a dry cough. Viral infection is quite difficult to cure early it needs time and patience. In this case, dry cough goes for the two weeks. Dry coughing especially irritates the person at night.

These are the common causes but some other causes can be environmental irritants, collapsed lungs, and whooping cough. Lung cancer and heart failure are some of the causes that are less common.

Adding honey to the hot water helps in soothing the throat and one can get rid of a dry cough. Taking OTC cough suppressants also works well in treating a dry cough. First, notice the cause of your dry cough and consult your doctor for the appropriate treatment. If you are already going through the heart or lung problem then it can be common to have a dry cough but in that case, you need the dedicatedly done treatment to cure the particular disease.