Why Direct Mail Marketing is Still Relevant

Though some regard direct mail marketing as a defunct advertising method, direct mailing companies are still thriving and highly sought-after. So don’t go bidding this brand building practice a premature farewell, for the efficacy of direct mail marketing is still widely supported for these reasons.


Touted as one of the most cost-effective advertising tools, direct mail marketing is easy on the wallet. Preferred for its affordability, direct mail advertising promises ample brand exposure without depleting financial resources.


If you’ve just initiated a direct mail campaign, awaiting the results leaves you steeped in anticipation. Fortunately, direct mail marketing is trackable. From landing pages to call logging, there are several clever ways to monitor the success of your direct mail campaign.

Advances Industry Trust

Consumers find incessant marketing wholly unappealing. Unlike conventional advertising schemes, direct mail marketing isn’t intrusive and redundant. With that said, potential customers are more likely to respond positively to direct mail campaigning. Above all else, it instills trust in your intended audience because they find comfort in knowing they won’t be bombarded by a barrage of advertisements.

Easily Digestible

When it comes to appealing to clients, less is often more. Studies show that assimilating direct mail marketing material requires 21 percent less cognitive focus. When information is easy to absorb, it leaves an indelible impact on audiences.

Welcomes Creative Freedom

With direct mail advertising, much of the fun is in the design process. There aren’t restrictive guidelines to adhere to and, in turn, you’re given opportunities to flex your creative muscles. Above all else, creative opportunities allow you to convey your company’s message in a lighthearted and personalized fashion.


It’s far easier to discard an email than it is a coupon. It’s for this reason why companies employ direct mail marketing tactics. Offering a physical piece of advertising material increases the likelihood of your flyer or brochure evading the trash can.

Garners More Attention

When individuals sift through their mail, they give each envelope a discerning glance. If they like what they see, they chuck it to the side. The power of persuasive marketing should never be underestimated.


Whether your demographic is teenage girls or senior men, direct mail marketing is suitable for all age groups and genders. Unlike digital advertising, direct mail marketing is a concept that eludes none. What’s more, direct mail campaigning is a surefire way to avoid ageism.