Best Film Shooting Locations in Chicago

If you are thinking about shooting a movie or some sort of series in Chicago, you will need to know the best locations around. Locations are very important for a film, as they can give you the atmosphere, light, and setting that you need.

Today we are going to show you some of the best spots in Chicago for this purpose. A lot of movies have already been shot on these locations so if it worked for them, it could for you too.

Jackson Park

Jackson Park is a large setting where you have a lot of open space, water, bridges, and grass. It is a perfect location for shooting scenes outside while making use of the people walking around. At the same time, it is not too crowded and nobody will bother you.

O’Hare International Airport

One of the cult movies “Home Alone” was also shot here. The airport offers a lot of tall walls, stairs, crowds, and fairly cooperative management. They are willing to help anyone who wants to use their space for art. However, if you rent film gear in Chicago it might take you some time to bring it there.

Wells Street Bridge

This bridge is a big steel construction that has a lot of traffic and trains running through it every day. It is a drawbridge so it brings in a lot of interesting elements. The bridge appears in “The Fugitive” and has interesting surroundings that can look great on camera.

Chicago Union Station

In “The Untouchables” one of the most epic shooting scenes takes place here. The station appears in many other big movies and it is a popular choice. The amazing architecture and windows that provide plenty of light make it a very good place for a film set.


These are some of the cult locations to try out in Chicago, visit them and you will see why they are so attractive.