How to Find A Reliable Auto Transport Service the Right Way

Shipping a vehicle can be very advantageous in the midst of a big move. Unfortunately, many auto transport companies are complete scams designed to rob you of both your money and your property. Others are just lackluster companies that may cause damage to your car and leave you holding the bill. In order to avoid such disasters, it is important to properly research auto transport companies to separate good from bad. Here are a few steps that show you exactly what you should look for.


Good service begets favorable reviews and high ratings. Reliable companies also have a track record of excellence. So, when looking at auto transport companies look into their experience, their reviews, and their ratings. This can be done with a simple internet search for car shipping to Texas. You can tell a lot about a company by the way its clients talk about it. Look for dissatisfied rants, low ratings on sites like the BBB, and check into any complaints that may have been filed. If the company comes back clean then they are worthy or your business. Stay away from any companies that bring back unfavorable results. Another thing to look for is experience. Companies that have been in business for a while are not a fluke. They are legitimate businesses that offer a quality service. Veteran companies are less likely to make mistakes, and better equipped to care for your vehicle.

Check their Credentials

An auto shipping service is fully regulated by the FMCSA, or Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This is an organization within the United States Department of Transportation. Such companies must have a valid Motor Carrier Number. If a company lacks a MC number, they are not a legitimate business. The MC number should be posted clearly on a company’s website for all to see. If the number is hard to find are not present at all refrain from doing business with that company. Dealing with unlicensed companies open you up to liability and put your vehicle at risk.

Look For Warning Signs

Anything from the appearance of the office to the way the staff treats you can be indicative of an unreliable business. Look for websites that appear to have been clapped together and contain several spelling mistakes. A company that takes pride in itself has a clean and organized office, a professionally designed website, and a staff more interested in serving you than making money.

A disheveled office smacks of irresponsibility. Rude staff indicated poor customer service. A poorly designed website just says fraud in big bold letters. So, keep an eye out for warning signs.

Be Wary of Untraditional Payment Solutions

Stay away from companies that want wire transfers through Western Union. This is not a typical payment solution. A legitimate business can take credit, debit, or even cash. Any company that circumnavigates such traditional finance options in favor of an unorthodox method of payment is up to no good.