Stones Great for Traditional Style Homes

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One of the great things about getting to the homeowner is being able to determine what your style is, and living in a home that fits those guidelines. We are excited to help you determine which stones are going to go great with your traditional style and home. If you are living in a traditional style home, stone countertops are one of the best ways to add Elegance to your home.

Stone Type

First of all, it is important to understand all of the different types of stone that are available for you to choose from. They’re different stone types, for example, marble, granite, quartz, and travertine. These are just a few of the different types of stones that are available to be used for countertops.If you were living in a very traditional home we would guide you to pick either marble or granite for your home. The reason that we say that these two are great options for your home is because they often boast a very traditional style.


Let us break down granite for you. granite is a very dense hard Natural Stone that many people choose to implement as countertops inside of their homes. One of the biggest benefits of granite is how many different options there are issues from. Because granite is quarried from the Earth all over the world, there are many different patterns and colors to choose from. In fact, a quick trip to this Stone supplier of countertops in Collinsville will have you realizing just how many options you have to choose from when you were looking at granite.

Another big benefit to consider when you are looking at granite is just how durable it really is. If you have a small family, it is a good idea to have granite in your kitchen because spills are not going to stain it. It is also a good idea because it’s so dense, there really isn’t a way for you to break the countertop. If you were concerned about damage being done to the stone this is a great choice for you.


Marble is going to forever be a very traditional option for people to use inside of their home. One thing that you have to have really consider when you are picking marble for your stone countertops, is that it is not nearly as durable as granite. Marble is much more porous than granite, and we’ll see much more easily. If you have small children, marble may not be the best choice of surface for your kitchen. Think about all the spells that happen daily on your stone countertops. If the stone is marble, a lot of those stains are going to have to stay there forever.  You may also run into different thing that happens when things are left on the countertop that shouldn’t be. If you have few people living in your home, and you think that you can do a great job maintaining the marble, it really is a beautiful option to use inside of your home that is going to stay elegant and in style forever.