Popular Wedding Car Choices

If you are getting married soon, then wedding car hire choices must be one of your primary concerns. The famous wedding car categories are classic, vintage, or modern cars, and then there are still many other options still waiting to be explored. Some people opt for bold choices like golf carts, police cars, Florida fire trucks, and racing cars. If you want to go with the majority because so many people are doing it, so it must be right, then you must check out the most popular choices for a wedding car.

Genuine Classic Cars

The top-scoring wedding car rated based on the customer’s choice is the genuine classic range of vehicles. The vehicles under this category date from 1940 to 1980. You must have heard that the older, the better because that is especially true for classic cars. Almost half of the European weddings are enchanted by the couple entrance in classic cars, and we don’t blame them as these cars are irresistible.

Vintage Vehicle

Vintage vehicles are the runner up and next to the classic cars in customers’ choice for a wedding car. Its popularity as a wedding car is due to the beautiful design combined with safety features and modern engine. As the technology is relatively new, you don’t have to risk your special day and still have a luxurious car. A vintage car hiring cost is less than that of a genuine classic car, so it is good news to cut down some costs without compromising quality.

Modern Luxury Cars

Glamorous looks and feels of the future are combined in modern luxury cars, making them the third most popular wedding car choice. High-powered sports vehicles have always been a choice for adventurous and passionate people, especially at their weddings. The cost of hiring a modern car will be almost the same as classic cars.