Reasons to Choose an Ultion Smart Lock for Your Property 

Your home door lock may feel solid, look great, and serve as an excellent multi-point lock. But what is the use of a lock if anyone can disable it in some seconds using an adequate cylinder lock? It means you should look for a high-quality lock that promises flawless security for your home. 

  1. Unique Key combination 

Most security locks comprise 5 or 6 pins. Ultion smart lock, on the other hand, makes use of 11 pins that means it creates almost three times the amount of key combinations that are necessary to ensure the highest standard.

  1. Anti-Snap Protection 

Almost 89% of locks are easy to break by lock snapping. It is a quick, quiet, and easy technique for the burglars to housebreak. The Ultion lock is perfect for keeping your house security

  1. Super Strong Material 

Ultion locks are molybdenum made that is about 25 percent denser than iron. It comprises the sixth-highest melting point of any blend and can endure as much pressure as up to 300,000 pounds per square inch. These characteristics of molybdenum make it the first choice for lock productions for military aircraft and housing.

  1. 20-Point Drill Protection 

An Ultion lock features 20 hardened steel pins and plates on both sides. The precise position of these plates protects the lock from all kinds of drill attacks.

  1. Quiet & Quick 

According to annual statistics, burglary attempts are possible at all times of the day, whether or not you are in your house. An Ultion lock can detect the presence of burglars, preventing the house from burglary attempts.

  1. Easy Cleaning

Their contoured keyway aims at cleaning away any dust before you enter it into your door lock. It means you can save money that you would otherwise need to pay on repairing potential mechanical faults like jamming.