What are the advantages of buying a bucket truck from Socage?

In this modern era, moreover, we have problems such as leaking houses, roof repairs or other things. Sometimes we want to speed things up as quickly as possible without taking a long time. but in this modern era, we don’t need to worry like the emergence of bucket trucks that make it easier for us to do everything without doing difficult things like climbing or using stairs. There is interesting info if you are looking for a bucket truck from a socage company like the picture below.


Socage is a leading aerial platform manufacturing company for speed stabilization of all truck-mounted platforms, which enables fast and safe stabilization. The Socage is an innovative standard solution in a truck-mounted platform, providing great benefits and increasing safety, facilitating the use of correct stabilization maneuvers.

With a single button, even from the basket, it lets you get the OK stabilization to work in a safe, simple, and fast way.

The result was the introduction of various new platforms with SPEED automatic stabilization. The brand’s revolutionary bet will change the truck platform market up to 3500kg. The operator only needs to press a button to activate the automatic closing of the boom.

SPEED’s functionality differs from normal manual stabilization systems, which require more time and more maneuvering for correct equipment positioning. Automatic stabilization enables a clear increase in platform productivity with better stabilization in less time and under conditions of total safety.

SOCAGE, located in the province of Modena, is a company that manufactures and markets aerial platforms. Our company is distinguished by the fact that it has a history of more than forty years specializing in platforms for aerial work. Our high-quality products are technologically advanced, leveraging component evolution to stand out in the market as a high-performance, reliable, and easy-to-use platform.

At Socage we specialize in the boom lift truck sector. We offer a wide variety of bucket trucks, compact and ready for any job. At Socage, we always strive to offer the very best in productivity and safety innovations, two qualities that SPEED’s automatic stabilization system brings together.

Socage, as a result of a clear commitment to continuous evolution and product differentiation, brings the new truck-mounted bucket truck forSte 27D SPEED platform an articulated 3,500 kg vehicle-mounted articulated platform on the market.

What are the advantages of automatic stabilization as a standard?

This increases productivity, ease of use, and security. Greater slope tackling ability with the longest track of the SOCAGE vertical stabilizer allows for greater slope tackling ability, making it easier to work without damaging the stabilization surface. Smooth and precise operation Hydraulic fitting in conjunction with the new Socage control console allows for smoother and proportionate movement with greater control by the operator, even with simultaneous maneuvers. Like the video below:  hope it can help your wish.