LBank: a short guide

LBank was founded in 2015 by an experienced team of it-developers, financiers, and blockchain engineers. The platform ensures safe and most fruitful work with the leading digital crypto coins.

The most important criterion of LBank’s work is a high level of protection. The exchange also works on the KYC principle, which regulates the safe operation of individuals. The exchange has its own fund, which works on the development of the market of digital currencies and their inclusion in world trade.

There is a choice of languages, an excellent API, and a useful app. For detailed information, you can find a full guide here.

How it works?

This is a system where you can make asset exchange. Digital trading is available here. Spot trading allows you to work with a wide range of trading pairs and refer to other financial agents — custodians. In margin trading, the client can borrow funds from the platform, while futures allow to trade digital currency with leverage.

LBank is a secure system for transactions, the exchange is considered secure, with advanced privacy tools and ways to encrypt assets and customer data. Being a universal exchange, it provides access to a wide range of services. Some of them include crypto trading, assets management, useful content, and expert information. Users can work with the most in-demand currencies, and it is possible to enter spot trades together with the LBank token (LBK). Also available are margin trades, and index funds to allocate them to different assets. Also, the company offers a referral system with rewards for inviting users and reduced commissions.

Spot Trading

 This type of activity resembles stock trading — price and availability are determined at the moment. Traders speak only positively about spot trading with LBank. Assets are securely protected here, decisions are made here and now. You only have a transaction limit for a currency or token. The interface is convenient both for newbies and experienced users.

Grid Trading

This type of strategy is based on a strategy when make a profit on the prices’ slightly changes. This is quite risky, so you need to approach such trades as prepared as possible.

 How can you deposit/withdraw?

The following payment methods are available with LBank: 

  • VISA;
  • Mastercard;
  • payment processors;
  • digital wallets.

Pros and cons

LBank often has a high volume of transactions, i.e. good liquidity. All transactions can be made quickly, what is very advantageous for those who like fast trades. With low commissions, the exchange becomes attractive for those who work with not the largest amounts. 

Here we can add a variety of trading transactions and work with the most in-demand digital currencies.

The key disadvantage is the lack of customer service. The respond time is so long and the processes run slow. In addition, there is no guarantee in case of theft or abuse.

In conclusion

LBank is a reliable platform with a numerous options for traders and investors. To choose best option, it’s worth considering all available offers the company provide through the website and app.